About Us



Like any other company, we too had started up thought on a small scale. Even then, the growth rate of our company in Surat, and with increasing popularity especially among the youth has been quite impressive.
Although our main branch of operation is in Surat, we are proud to say that we have also expand our branches in other cities like Pune (Maharashtra), Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), and Trichur (Kerala).
Being the best in business, we truly believe that a satisfied customer is a company’s biggest success, for which, we always ensure that our products meet our higher-quality standards. Our most recognizable qualities are our concern for quality and exceptional presentation.

With the support of our dedicated business partners and dealers, we believe that in the modern era, dealership has overreach leadership and is the new way to run consumer-based product business.


For us as a company, coming together is the beginning of our journey, staying together is the progress, and working together in harmony is the only success. Our top management considers all our employees as their family and treats them according to their skill and potential, not on their background or on social groups.
Our employees are committed to our cause and are always a big priority for us when taking part in important decisions. This team spirit and feeling of belonging is what drives our productivity and fuels our purpose.


Our team of specialized researchers always work to bring improved recipes for our valued consumers. We love to experiment with flavours and fumes, to keep bringing you the widest variety of choices to choose from.
While we are soon to be certified as an ISO 9002 Company, we also give utmost importance to quality and hygiene according to the PFA and HACCP standards.
Our decisions are made with a collection of contributed efforts by our professionals in the top management team with 20-30 years of experience in their respective fields. Our most prestigious goal is to cover a global market and perform our business to meet the growing international demands.

Our maxim – “An acre of performance is worthwhile the whole world of promise.”